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These replicas of the are professionally handcrafted in Philippine mahogany by Replica Boat Locker and bring your love of boating right into your living room, study or office and will stay with you for a lifetime and for generations to come.

We can also make wood bespoke scale replicas of any of the following categies of watercraft such as:-

    1. Motor Yachts: Large, luxurious boats with powerful engines designed for cruising and leisure.
    2. Sailboats: Boats primarily propelled by sails and wind, suitable for both racing and cruising.
    3. Sport Boats: Also known as runabouts or bowriders, designed for water sports and recreational activities.
    4. Fishing Boats: Vessels equipped for fishing, with various styles catering to different fishing methods.
    5. Pontoon Boats: Flat, stable boats with pontoons on either side, great for relaxing and entertaining.
    6. Cabin Cruisers: Versatile boats with comfortable cabins suitable for extended stays on the water.
    7. Jet Boats: Boats using a jet propulsion system for high maneuverability in shallow waters.
    8. Personal Watercraft (PWC): Small, one- to three-person vessels offering exciting rides on the water.
    9. Dinghies and Tenders: Small boats used to transport people and supplies between larger vessels and the shore.
    10. Deck Boats: Boats with open decks, perfect for entertaining and carrying a good number of passengers.
    11. Catamarans: Boats with twin hulls offering stability, used for cruising, racing, and other water activities.
    12. Trimarans: Boats with three hulls, combining stability and speed, popular for racing and cruising.
    13. Trawlers: Motorized boats designed for long-distance cruising, known for their efficiency and comfort.
    14. Houseboats: Boats converted into floating homes, ideal for extended stays on the water.
    15. Canoes: Narrow, open boats typically paddled with single-bladed paddles.
    16. Kayaks: Small, narrow boats usually paddled with double-bladed paddles, suitable for various water conditions.
    17. Rowboats: Boats powered by oars, commonly used for recreation and fishing in calm waters.
    18. Inflatable Boats: Lightweight boats that can be inflated and deflated, easy to transport and store.
    19. Dories: Traditional small boats with flat bottoms and high sides, often used for fishing and recreational rowing.
    20. Jon Boats: Small, flat-bottomed boats usually made of aluminum, popular for fishing in shallow waters.
    21. Lifeboats and Rescue Boats: Boats used for emergency evacuations and search-and-rescue operations.
    22. Dive Boats: Boats designed for scuba diving, equipped with dive platforms and storage for gear.
    23. Research Vessels: Boats used for scientific research and data collection in marine environments.
    24. Ferries: Boats used to transport passengers and vehicles across bodies of water.
    25. Cargo Boats: Vessels designed for transporting goods and commodities over water.
    26. Tugboats: Small but powerful boats used for towing and pushing larger vessels in harbors and waterways.
    27. Patrol Boats: Boats used for law enforcement, border control, and security purposes on water.
    28. Fireboats: Boats equipped with firefighting equipment to combat fires in marinas and waterways.
    29. Hovercraft: Amphibious vehicles that can travel over both water and land on a cushion of air.
    30. Hydrofoils: Boats with wing-like structures (foils) that lift the hull out of the water at high speeds.

If the model you require is not mentioned or shown below and is not listed for sale on our site just let us know what you need by clicking here.

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