Replica Boat Locker (RBL) Models: An Intersection of Craftsmanship, History, and Aesthetics


Replica Boat Locker (RBL) is a new venture into the world of model boats and ships by pulling together the valuable talents of individuals involved in the same industry for most of their lives.  We are now manufacturing and supplying the finest custom made military and civilian models globally to both private and business enterprises. Each meticulously detailed scale model is custom manufactured and precisely engineered to your exact specifications. We can make any model, anyway without restrictions. Our customer service team alongside our experienced quality control team brings together our dedication and the never-ending pursuit of excellence which ultimately sets us aside from many other companies.  We offer a complete design service through to the ultimate completion of your dream model.

Historical Background and our future

The realm of model ships is a fascinating intersection where craftsmanship meets history and aesthetics. Among various types of model ships available in the market, RBL are now entering the market after 20+ years in the business of mainly model airplane manufacture. Already our hold a unique position and are known for their intricate detail, historical accuracy, and high-quality materials. These models serve various purposes—from educating enthusiasts and honoring naval heritage to adorning the desks of CEOs. In this article, we explore what makes RBL Models stand out, the range of models they offer, and why they make such captivating items for collectors, educators, and maritime enthusiasts alike.

What Sets RBL Models Apart


RBL models are often handcrafted with incredible attention to detail. Each model is an outcome of hours of meticulous work, incorporating finely tuned components, whether it’s the rigging, deck furnishings, or hull.


High-quality materials such as solid kiln-dried mahogany or cast resin are often used in the making of RBL models, ensuring not only aesthetic pleasure but also longevity. The use of such materials provides a realistic texture and finish to the models.

Historical and Technical Accuracy

RBL models are often replicas of actual ships, boats, or yachts, designed based on original plans and photographs to ensure they are historically and technically accurate. This makes them not just decorative items but also pieces of educational value, especially for those keen on naval history.


One of the remarkable features of RBL models is the opportunity for customization. Many manufacturers offer bespoke services where the models are made to specific customer requirements, ensuring a truly unique and personalised product but with RBL we aim to give just a little bit more of a personal touch in developing a relationship with our customers.

Categories of RBL Models

Military Vessels

These include replicas of famous warships, submarines, and aircraft carriers. Each model serves as a miniature museum, capturing crucial moments in naval warfare history.

Commercial Ships

From historical merchant ships to modern container vessels, these models represent the evolution of trade and commerce across the seas.

Luxury Yachts and Boats

These are often the most intricately designed models, replicating the opulence and elegance of luxury yachts and boats, making them popular choices for gifts and decorative pieces.

Specialized Ships

This category includes unique watercraft like research vessels, fishing boats, and even pirate ships. Each comes with its set of specialized equipment, all replicated in fine detail.

Uses of RBL Models

Collector’s Items

For maritime history enthusiasts and collectors, these models are invaluable. Each model holds a story and serves as a tangible representation of naval history.

Educational Tools

Museums, schools, and educational institutions often use these models as educational tools to provide insights into ship architecture, maritime history, and oceanic exploration.

Corporate and Personal Gifts

Their aesthetic appeal makes them popular choices for corporate gifts, tokens of appreciation, or even milestone mementos.

Decorative Pieces

Be it in a home or an office, a Premier Ship Model can serve as a conversation starter, adding a touch of sophistication to any room.


RBL models are much more than mere miniature replicas; they are works of art, historical archives, and educational instruments all rolled into one. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality of materials make them stand out as premier choices for various purposes. Whether you’re a maritime enthusiast, a history buff, or someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, these models offer something for everyone.

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